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An unclaimed cornerstone.

Introduced in Alpha 0.0.5, Cornerstones are private 16 x 16 building plots which are randomly scattered throughout the world. Other players cannot edit or destroy your cornerstone.

Claiming a Cornerstone

A player can claim a Cornerstone by pressing E on the question mark (?) sign. A ! on a sign displays the Cornerstone has a current owner and isn't free. When you claim a Cornerstone, anything you have previously built on any other Cornerstone is immediately moved to the new Cornerstone; doing this removes the claim on the previous Cornerstone. You are able to edit and/or build onto your Corner Stone at any time you please by clicking tab. This is where you will have all of your crafting tables, your forges, ect. You will be able to collect Flux from your Loot Collector here by recycling unwanted loot. Just a side tip from a former player that got confused , if you change your cornerstone all changes will save when you claim a cornerstone from a different world or cornerstone area.


  • Players can buy multiple Cornerstones in the Cornerstone menu.
  • As a side note, It's best to have a Cornerstone near you as you can use it to serve as a quick way of refining items, and storing them.
  • Watch out, enemies might also attack you inside your home! Some Biomes are not very safe and crafting should rather be done in the Hub World or in Peaceful Hills.